Queensland Business Centre

Queensland–Japan Business Networking Event 2014 a huge success!

More than 90 participants gathered for the Queensland – Japan Business Networking Event on 12th June, 2014.

Participants (both QJCCI and event participants) thoroughly enjoyed our event programs which can be viewed here.

The event was held jointly by 4 entities QJCCI (Queensland Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry), TIQ(Trade & Investment Queensland), MBC (Marunouchi Business Consulting), QBC(Queensland Business Centre).

This event functioned as a gateway for the participants to seek business opportunities in QLD or Tokyo and highlighted the progress of the AUS-JPN.

More events are coming up in the future to connect Japan and Australia and please feel free to contact the QBC for more information about our business support service such as full support for your seminar, networking event, and promotion event at your request.